GUMMY WHOLE FOOD MULTI VITAMINS Minerals pour your own KITS Children PRENATAL Adults No Chemicals or Preservatives


All handmade multi vitamin & mineral Whole food Gummy made with Grass fed Beef Gelatin.  Excellent for every day vitamin needs.  Kids & Adults alike love these tasty gummy vitamins.  Great for a wholesome prenatal vitamin as well.  These vitamins have no synthetic vitamins, no chemicals, and no preservatives

Children under 75 Lbs:  1 daily

Children and adults over 75 Lbs:  2 daily


(vitamins are made, you will need to melt them and pour them into the mold / molds provided)

4 oz:  Makes minimum 100 vitamins and comes with (1) mold which makes 50 vitamins

8 oz:  Makes minimum 200 vitamins and comes with (3) molds which will make 150 vitamins

16 oz: Make minimum 400 vitamins and comes with (4) molds which will make 200 vitamins


Currently we can only offer these in the form of a "kit"  The vitamins do come made but you will need to pour the melted liquid into the molds due to melting issues while shipping.   The only way to prevent this is to let them cure for 2 weeks before shipping.  If you prefer to wait for them to cure properly please use the contact form and we will get those set up for you.*****

***NOTE:  Raw unpasteurized honey is safe for all ages as per the USDA website.  It states that botulism CANNOT survive in a ph of below 4.6...raw unpasteurized honey has a ph between 3.6 - 3.9.  12foru ph tests all their honey before use for added safety.***

Ingredients: Grass fed beef gelatin,  Magnesium chloride, 12foru handmade Colloidal minerals, Super Elderberry syrup  (made by 12foru: elderberries, goji berries, frankincense resin, clove powder, cinnamon powder, ginger powder, orange & grapefruit peel, raw unpasteurized honey ) Iodine, Molasses, & Mineral Sugar for sweetness, Whole food vitamin C, & Colloidal silver for preservative & freshness. 

The majority of our herbal tinctures & products are handmade & hand infused.  Blends are recipes developed by a holistic practitioner of 16 years & former Registered Nurse of over 18 years.    Herbs used are either organic or wild harvested.  We are a small home based business committed to quality.  We also offer holistic education & protocols to help people support their health using dietary supplementation.  From the simplest of diseases to the most complex, we can offer support for your health.  Our contact information is available on the contact us page.

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***As per FDA gudelines:  None of these products are intended to treat, diagnose, or cure disease.