How We Got Started:    I am a former Registered Nurse of 18 years turned holistic practitioner who has developed the blends and products that are offered. I & my son are both vaccine damaged & most of the products developed were developed for our own healing / health search.  They evolved from this into our small home business.   Each product is handmade & hand blended with either organic or wildcrafted ingredients.  No synthetics are used unless specifically mentioned.  All ingredients are listed for each product.   Blends can be specially mixed to your specifications as well.  See contact information for ways to contact us for this service. 

 This is a company meant to help those in need of healing & seeking non medical synthetic means, utilizing what God has provided for us to heal. Healing can be from the simple to the complex.  1:1 consults are offered either face to face, online, or by phone.